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The Dawn of Bitcoin Cash DeFi: AnyHedge and DeToken

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Опубликован в 08 May 2022 / В Компьютерная тематика

BitcoinBCH.com met with General Protocols and DeToken to discuss the dawn of Bitcoin Cash DeFi. Participants include: John Nieri, President of General Protocols. Johnathan Silverblood, Lead Developer at General Protocols. Marcel Chuo, Business Development manager at General Protocols. Semyon Germanovich, CEO of Detoken. Hayden Otto, CEO of BitcoinBCH.com I'm supported by my viewers, consider making a donation: https://cointr.ee/haydenotto https://haydenotto.com 0:00 Introduction 1:29 General Protocols 3:04 DeToken 5:10 DeToken Features 7:45 The Purpose of AnyHedge 10:00 DeFi is a stepping stone 11:50 What is DeFi? 13:00 DeFi exchange benefits over traditional exchanges 16:48 A Universal Bitcoin Wallet 19:58 The Future of DeToken 23:03 DeToken User Experience 25:19 What is the difference between Ethereum DeFi and Bitcoin Cash DeFi? 29:36 Attacks on Ethereum DeFi contracts and how Bitcoin Cash averts this 32:57 Bitcoin Cash best suited for simple use cases 33:53 AnyHedge use cases 36:17 Pricing Bitcoin Cash in precious metals 38:38 Integrating AnyHedge into Bitcoin Cash wallets 39:47 Making finance tools accessible for everyone 43:06 The AnyHedge business model 45:50 Future protocols 48:32 Bitcoin Cash NFT’s 51:16 Bitcoin Cash infrastructure for app development 54:53 Bitcoin Cash smart contracts 58:22 The coming app development explosion 59:30 Price oracles 1:05:26 Conclusion Sign up to DeToken: https://detoken.net?r=9oeaspttNc8 Check out AnyHedge: https://anyhedge.com/ #Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #Cryptocurrency

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