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Proof-of-Stake (vs proof-of-work)

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Опубликован в 08 Jan 2022 / В Компьютерная тематика

Cryptocurrencies use a ton of electricity because of mining. In recent years people started working on a different technique called Proof-of-Stake. Not only does it use less energy, it can also be more secure. (This video is a re-upload to fix a mistake I made in the previous one. Sorry about that!) ???? Get $10 of free Bitcoin: Use my Coinbase affiliate link, and we'll both get $10 of free Bitcoin when you deposit $100: https://coinbase.com/join/decuyp_9 ???? Sources for this video: https://www.savjee.be/videos/simply-explained/proof-of-stake/ ???? Social Twitter: https://twitter.com/Savjee Facebook: https://facebook.com/Savjee Blog: https://savjee.be ???? Newsletter: http://newsletter.savjee.be (no more than once a month) ❤️ Become a Simply Explained member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxrdFPXJMeHru_b4Q_vTPQ/join

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