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PlanB, Creator of The Stock-To-Flow Model, Helps Us See The Beauty & Threats Surrounding...

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Опубликован в 26 Oct 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Understanding the digital asset ecosystem can be daunting; creator of the Bitcoin Stock-to-flow model, PlanB, breaks down the beauty of this invention, while also noting the risks, critics, and challenges to his S2F model. Hosted by Angelo Robles, CEO & Founder, Family Office Association. The Family Office Association is dedicated to bringing you a uniquely beneficial understanding of family and single family office current best practices, anchored by our proprietary research and content. We help make successful families and their single family offices more robust, their investment options more diverse and antifragile, and their family visions and structures more responsive, sound, and sustainable for future generations. TIMESTAMPS: 0:57- PlanB's background & what makes up his s2f model. 2:02- Why do people invest in Bitcoin & how does the s2f model measure scarcity? 4:28- Time series model vs. the Cross asset model. 5:52- What would cause him to change his opinion about BTC? 8:13- What would he say to those who have challenged him? 15:20- Due to the immense respect he has been given, is he fueling the irrational exuberance of the market? 19:35- Will BTC surpass the market for public stocks? 23:07- Is Ether digital oil? 25:54- BTC has dropped 90% before, will this happen again & why? 29:58- What would be the one question he would ask Satoshi? 31:35- Potential threats to BTC. 35:40- What is the significance of the BTC block reward in the genesis block? 38:50- Will the gov't benefit from taxing BTC annually, similar to real estate? 42:10- Creation of "Crypto Valley." 47:03- How has the dollar lost its purchasing power; why is BTC more of an asset than a currency? 52:03- What makes BTC great & what are the associated scam projects, copies, & narratives? 58:57- Why is Satoshi's anonymity an integral part of making BTC a success? 1:03:20- Money laundering & chain analytics. 1:07:07- Conspiracy theories about US gov't involvement. 1:12:39- Quantum computing & the future of bitcoin security. 1:15:46- What is something unique he hasn't published yet? --- Audience Q's -- 1:24:42- Power consumption, climate change and bitcoin mining. 1:27:39- Could governments create their own digital coin? 1:28:47- Thoughts on a bitcoin ETF. 1:30:48- Changes in supply & demand during each halving cycle. 1:34:15- Do younger generations have to take self-responsibility to become educated on this subject; what does he look for when hiring? 1:39:38- Futures market & hedging the downside. Our multiple weekly videos highlight the emerging trends and best practices within the family office community with featured investors, business leaders, innovators, politicians, athletes, and more! Join our community of subscribers, spanning from institutional investors, private investors, and family offices, to ambitious forward-thinkers and those interested in financial education, the future of investing, and emerging technological innovation! Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyOffice?sub_confirmation=1 We would like to thank PlanB, notoriously known as @100trillionUSD on Twitter, for joining us and providing such extensive insight into this topic; you can follow him here: https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD You can find his articles here: https://100trillionusd.github.io/ Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, our Website (and more!) to see the full scope of our global membership community and transformative resources: https://linktr.ee/angelorobles Thank you for watching & we would love to hear your thoughts! Like & drop a comment below to help fuel the conversation and give us feedback on what topics you would like to see covered next. About Our Host: Angelo Robles founded Family Office Association in 2008, a global membership organization for UHNW families and their single family offices. Having worked with multiple generations of families for the past 12 years and their trusted advisors, Angelo has gained an enormous amount of intellectual capital on how UHNW families think and feel - and what motivates them. Angelo is the founder of the Effective Family Office think tank and personally coaches a select group of global families and advisors. He is a frequent source to top media outlets like Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, and Institutional Investor. He is the host of The Angelo Robles Podcast, the author of "Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond," and co-author of "Maximizing Your Single Family Office: Leveraging the Power of Outsourcing and Stress Testing."

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