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Опубликован в 26 Oct 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Thinking of buying Bitcoin but are unsure of its valuation? In this video, TRILLIONS go through two articles written by PlanB, on how he quantify scarcity using stock-to-flow for Bitcoin and other known commodities and how he uses past data to use stock-to-flow to model bitcoin’s value in future periods. We also run through the price targets he has given for each article. **SWAN BITCOIN REFERRAL** Swan is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring and instant buys using your bank account. Join today to get $10 of free Bitcoin in your account: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/TRILLIONS **PATREON** If you would like to early access to my content and support the channel in ensuring we continue doing research that is independent, feel free to to sign up to our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/trillionsmedia PlanB is an anonymous Dutch institutional investor on social media who provides valuable insight into how one should value Bitcoin. Intro audio credits: POMP podcast You can follow PlanB on the following links: --Twitter: https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD --Medium: https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD TRILLIONS. is a channel that covers crypto and investing in companies primed for disruption due to their innovative technologies. Twitter: Trillions_media ???? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification button to be alerted when I post new content. ???? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Referral Links** -- Unstoppable domains: Receive $10 off your domain purchase when you spend more than $40. https://unstoppabledomains.com/r/585053c4125c444 -- Autonomous AI Smart Desk 2: Most reasonably priced standing desk on the market, use my referral link and get up to £144 (or equivalent) off Autonomous (https://bit.ly/3khjBKj) or type my referral code: TR1LLN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other TRILLIONS. videos: Celsius Network (CEL) Overview: https://youtu.be/ogfhjVf4bsQ Celsius Network (CEL) Price Prediction 2021: https://youtu.be/BMHXgqwi7yw 10 Reasons To Own Bitcoin (BTC): https://youtu.be/BzTpvNx1_OA PayPal Entering Crypto...What You Should Know!: https://youtu.be/4seO1sk0z-8 Bitcoin according to Chamath Palihapitiya: https://youtu.be/nvEFsZR0Enc Case for $100,000 bitcoin by Hong Fang OK Coin: https://youtu.be/bugmZcCpnr0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Disclaimer** “This video is only for educational purposes, one should not use this video solely for investment decisions, viewers are strongly urge to do their own research before taking any decisions and seek a professional financial advisor for investment advice. The content of this video is solely the opinion of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #PlanB #Bitcoin #StockToFlow

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