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Less than 12 Days before Bitcoin starts Crashing 50%

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Опубликован в 04 May 2022 / В Компьютерная тематика

I am expecting bitcoin to crash around 50%. I believe the start of this crash take place in less than 9 to 12 days. As I have been telling you for months, my 2022 bitcoin prediction is that bitcoin and the indices have entered a bear market and we are in a bubble that is about to pop. I expect bitcoin price to start dropping and will not bottom until we have tested $20k or lower. We could have a bitcoin pump here and there but its just another bull trap before a much larger drop. I give the exact price and date I expect bitcoin to bottom and when I will buy bitcoin long term to hodl. The bull run is over and I am expecting bitcoin to continue crashing, and yes the crash is coming! In every btc bear market bitcoin has a correction of at least 80% from its all time high.. that means we are due for another 20% drop. These bitcoin charts and my technical price analysis gives you price targets to know when to long, buy, short and sell. If you are trading bitcoin using leverage or futures, these charts show exact support and resistance levels to trade. Website to access these live charts: https://opticalartcrypto.com/ BitGet affiliate link: https://partner.bitget.com/bg/Eruaqa Bitcoin price pumping! I said long to $41.5k. Time to short? https://youtu.be/VHWsJCPl6oA The Most Important Bitcoin Video you'll ever watch! Time sensitive! https://youtu.be/6o1mUMXTiwc #bitcoin #bearmarket #bitcoinprediction This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

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