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IA Q&A: Bitcoin vs Ethereum, Binance, ARKG, Options, Trade Tracking, Plan B and more

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Опубликован в 30 Nov 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Patreon.com/InvestAnswers #Binance #Bitcoin #Ethereum #BitcoinVsEthereum #BinanceSmartChain #OptionsTrading #PlanB Welcome to the InvestAnswers weekly where I take the top questions from subscribers and Patreon. Today we are going to talk about options trading, genomics, bitcoin versus Ethereum, Ethereum versus Binance and so much more. Enjoy DISCLAIMER: None of this investment advice, this is Edutainment. 0:00 Introduction 0:20 Alan Lee What would you choose? If you could only have 1 bitcoin or 32 Ethereum. 1 BTC = $1M in 10 years. 32 ETH = 20-40K in 10 years - so net it is $1M or 960K as the EV. ie avg of 650-280K. Cost today 56K vs 32x3 = 95.2K sp BTC has better outlook and price now. Investing today yields 1685% return on BTC and 900% on ETH. My returns on ETH are 30% better than BTC since inception 3:00 PMcD PlanB recently tweeted “Beautiful stop loss hunting .. again. Now that all leveraged longs are liquidated, we finally have room for breaking $60K in April.” Why would the liquidation of leveraged LONG positions be beneficial for BTC price appreciation? I cannot get inside the mind of PLAN B - however, it is clear that each time this happens it moves BTC from weak paper hands or spinach hands to strong hands. They will HODL and pul BTC from exchanges thereby reducing supply and ultimate drive up price and bitcoin stability 4:41 41south146east Some argue BNB (Binance blockchain) will be the next Ethereum. WDYT? "I hold BNB and I hold a lot more ETH. Binance Smart Chain is doing very well but ETH has a number of advantages - brand, first mover, experience, partners, key deals like the EIB Bond deal. THE Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a serious threat to the Ethereum network with faster and cheaper transactions, Could it overtake Ethereum as the ‘backbone’ of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. CZ has been pushing it hard. ”If You Want More Users for Your Dapp, You Need to Be on #BSC Now.” BSC has become the chain of choice for a growing number of DeFi protocols. DeFi Protocols Are Increasingly Chain-Agnostic - So I firmly believe there will be room for both. Cost and speed will determine the winner. 6:34 Crypto Footsteps Question: What are the best tools to make, track your portfolio? What tools do you use to track all your trades, so that you know what are your gains and losses? Thank you in advance. Keep up with the amazing work :) Google sheets as I have many items, incl. holdings that are fractional holdings of BTC etc eg BITW. 8:00 Rob Igglesden "Cathie Wood Ark genomics fund has me fascinated. There isn't a stock in the fund that I recognise. I want to diversify from just leading fin-tech and crypto, and this may be it. Researching the whole sector is too much, hence being attracted to the Ark fund ARKG. Any thoughts or feelings on this very interesting sector?" Thank you, as always. Hi Rob, interesting I firmly believe CRISPR gene editing, Molecular Diagnostics, Targeted Therapeutics are the future. The convergence of AI, big Data and tech are going to revolutionize this whole space. Re companies, you may not recognize the names but you know their products eg Tamiflu developed by Gilead and licensed to Roche. Same for Novartis. But these big Swiss companies move slow and I much prefer a surgical approach to choosing stocks. Not buying ETF's with 60 holdings where half will languish, but pulling out the winners over the next 2-3 years eg ILMN, CRSP NVTA and TDOC. But FinTech and Crypto will going be continue to be big this year - Genomics next year perhaps. 10:27 Lychee Hi James, I’m a huge fan, and thank you for doing this! My question is how do you choose between selling covered calls, sell put options or buy leaps call options? These three all seem to be good option strategies and I would love to hear your strategy and thought process. Sell Covered Calls, I typically only do this at tops w hi VIX options. For example I own Google LEAPS $1000 strike and after the huge spike up I nailed the top fo GOOG and sold the $2500 calls for a lot more than I paid for the calls. That way I take my money off the table and get to enjoy time value depreciation. I sell Put Options when the calls are simply too expensive when the stock is at a bottom - kinda complete opposite to when I sell calls eg TDOC PLTR trades on Patreon. Buy LEAPS when stock price is very high eg $1000 or $3000 stock but want to get in esp ahead of a split. again I like to get in when the stocks are beaten down. 13:00 AtomicBeal "top 3 albums - James..fellow Radiohead fan. I wouldn’t expect you to waste steam time to answer, but I am curious. Your top Three Albums followed by top Three songs." Beware of scammers.

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