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Hardcore Crew feat. MC Stanko, N.W. - Me & Ma Bitcoins (Official Music Video) - BITCOIN BTC...

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Опубликован в 17 Sep 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Me and Ma Bitcoins - OUT NOW! Free crypto content: http://bit.ly/crypto-VIP (Spotify link coming soon...) Special thanks to all producers, artists, video executive and our fans and supporters! Its our dream since we are children to produce a Hip Hop song and this vision has now become reality! With the song "Me and Ma Bitcoins" the Hardcore Crew is starting their breakout through the rap scene with the aim to spread the idea of digital currencies and Bitcoin all over the world. We appreciate the support and would love to get your feedback into the comments. If you like the song "Me and ma Bitcoins" please share it with your friends or some crypto junkies, so we can have fun together. For any business or booking request regarding crypto consulting or our music, you can send an email to: [email protected] ✚ Prince Arija - http://bit.ly/princearija ✚ The Chief - http://bit.ly/the-chief ✚ Nashew - http://bit.ly/nashew1 ✚ MC Stanko - http://bit.ly/MCstanko ✚ N.W. - http://bit.ly/NidalNW SPECIAL THANKS TO VIDEOGRAPHER AND ART MANAGER CAMERON CARRASQUILLA @cameron_carras ✘ MC STANKO YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/MC-Stanko For Bookings MC Stanko : +436604168787 Stefan Djurasinovic Manager ✘ FREE CRYPTO NEWS & SIGNALS: https://t.me/hardcoretrading ✘ FEATURED BY OUR OFFICIAL GERMANY CRYPTO PARTNERS "KAPITAL EXOTE", CHECK OUR CONTENT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/c/KapitalExote?sub_confirmation=1 ✚ MORE CONTENT COMING SOON ✚ - me and ma bitcoins - btc - crypto - bitcoin update - cryptocurrency news - litecoin - ltc - bitcoins - bitcoin - me and my bitcoins - official music video - bitcoins kaufen

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