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Google QR Code Generator

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Опубликован в 13 Oct 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

You now can create QR Codes fast and easily using Google's QR Code Generator. QR Codes can direct students to a webpage, document, slide show, picture, or calendar event just by pointing the camera on your phone at it. There is no FASTER WAY to redirect your audience! Hopefully part of, or the entire video provides value to you and your teaching style. Introduction 0:00 iPhone vs. Android 0:47 Android & Google Lens 1:24 Googles QR Code Creator 2:16 Webpages & QR 3:47 Screenshot QR Code 4:18 Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms & QR 6:10 Pictures & QR 7:15 Calendar Events & QR 8:01 Please take 30 seconds⏳ to comment✏️ (I will always respond), and if you enjoyed the video - hit the ‘like’ ????button, and if you enjoy the channel (as it continues to grow)...maybe you could ✅subscribe, and if you DO SUBSCRIBE, hit the little???? 'bell' to get notified when my next video comes out. About: Todd Parks was a passionate middle school math teacher for 18 years, who looked to infuse all types of technology into the classroom to enhance students learning experience. He leveraged years of educational technology knowledge into the position that he now holds as teacher trainer of instructional technology. Contact: [email protected] Website: parksandeducation.com Instagram: parks_n_education Twitter: @ParksnEducation

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