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Echidna Catenate, the Chain Eels, Chain-link, Chain Moray at Coral Princess Cozumel Reef

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Админ Админович
Опубликован в 24 Apr 2022 / В Компьютерная тематика

Lucky me to find Echidna catenate, the Chain Moray Eel. Chain eels are not commonly seen in Cozumel because they like to hide but I was able to find this one before 11:00AM in the reef wall off the backside of the Coral Princess Hotel. Chain Eels, Chain-link, Chain Moray, or Chain-link Morays are named for the chain-link pattern on their bodies. Their colors range from yellow to cream with brown, black, or gray markings. Found throughout the Caribbean Sea these animals are shy and don’t normally bite unless made to feel threatened, they would rather find the quickest exit route. However, they can become aggressive around their food. Their diet varies by consuming fish, krill, shrimp, crab, and other crustaceans. Like other eels, chain-link eels are equipped with a second set of jaws called pharyngeal jaws, believed to be modified gill arches. The pharyngeal jaws are used for pulling prey into the throat which is prepped by their first set of jaws used for tearing their prey. I found this one at about an 8 ft depth moving through holes and crevices. I used a GoPro HERO 5 to record this video!

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