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Bitcoin Wealth: Where you rank! A detailed study on who has the coins and percentile wealth

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Опубликован в 28 Nov 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

https://www.patreon.com/InvestAnswers #BitcoinWealth #WhoHastheCoins #BitcoinWealthPercentiles Bitcoin HoldingsA detailed study on who has the coins & percentile wealth. 0:00 Intro 0:10 It is not too late 1:00 The Analysis Framework Thesis: One of the most important features of Bitcoin is supply scarcity. By aggregating public data and sources, we can track all 21 million coins. Mission: To create the most comprehensive tracker of where all the coins are and who is holding these coins. 2:00 Glassnode Bitcoin Distribution SATOSHI What we did was took the glassnode distribution wrt btc balance and graphed a line using the formula above. 3:00 Bitcoin Holding Percentages 4:00 Bitcoin Holding by category 4:40 Funds and Exchanges Fund Website Exchange Website News Articles SEC Disclosures Government and Lost News Articles Bitcoin Holding Percentages 4:50 Exchanges (1.85M) Takeaway: Huobi #1 Binance #2 5:00 Fund Holdings (1.07M) Takeaway: Grayscale still on top by far at 654K Year of the ETFs: 3iQ, Purpose ETF, ETC Group, and more to come 5:40 Government Holdings (628K or 3%) Takeaway: Known government holdings quite small considering their size and compared to individual holdings Look out for new adopters eg El Salvador 6:10 Company Holdings (462K) 7:00 Individual holdings Max Keiser was giving away 10K and 30K to friends back in the day Chamath Palihapitiya estimate based on public disclosures when he purchased Individual Holdings Estimates (7.6M) Mike Novogratz Roger Ver Barry Silbert Valery Vavilov Tim Draper Brian Armstrong Changpeng Zhao CEO Binance Tony Gallippi Michael Saylor Charlie Shrem Jack Dorsey 7:10 Individual Holdings (8.3M) Here is a quick refresher on the marine species that back to holding size 7:30 Bitcoin Breakout by Marine Species: This is the breakout by marine species so what we did was we took on the last of the estimates of all the coins to get things like this it is the lock-up and the lost coins which is nearly 4,000,000 then we broke out by the fund holdings across the different categories government holding company treasuries and then we have the individual holdings estimates with percent out and how much they hold you can see here clearly that the biggest group after exchanges is the Whales not humpback 8:00 Max Keiser (at least 300K) 9:00 Chamath Palihapitiya (at least 200K) 9:10 Mike Novogratz (150K) 9:50 Winkelvoss Twins (200K) 10:00 Roger Ver (100K+) 10:30 Barry Silbert (90K) 11:00 Paul Tudor Jones (???) 12:00 The New Bitcoin 1% Club? The "Bitcoin 1% club" refers to the top 1% of Bitcoin holders worldwide. Estimates for the threshold range from 0.28 BTC to as high as 15 BTC. We cracked the code. 13:00 Individual Holdings Deep Dive The shift towards a more dispersed ownership of BTC supply over the past years becomes more 14:00 The New Bitcoin Percentile Club Granular Buckets Avg holding Est. Bitcoin Holders Percentile of all BTC Holders 14:30 Bitcoin Food Pyramid Cost to Enter the Percentile Clubs Note last time I did this it was 3.35 - it has gone up as more crabs exist 15:00 Owning 1 Bitcoin Top 2.54% of all BTC holders. With a max of 14 million BTC and a world population of 7.6 billion that will grow, owning 1 full Bitcoin will put you in a class of your own 16:00 10 Coiners You would be in the top 0.17% of all Bitcoin Holders 16:30 Other Ways to Own 1 Bitcoin To own 1 BTC in MSTR shares = 87.5 Shares To own 1 BTC in GBTC shares = Approx 1059 Shares Want more? (you know what to do!) Patreon.com / InvestAnswers Join the IA Community

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