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Bitcoin to ZERO! Peter Schiff Bitcoin Prediction: Bitcoins Biggest BEAR Peter Schiff

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Опубликован в 29 Nov 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Peter Schiff Bitcoin. In this video we take a look at Peter Schiff and his Bitcoin prediction. Peter Schiff is by far everyones favourite Bitcoin bear so let's take a look at his arguments against BTC and see if they hold any weight... "Bitcoin is going to zero!" Bitcoin Prediction by Peter Schiff. In this video we take a look at an investor who is most likely the BIGGEST and most VOCAL Bitcoin bear of all time - Peter Schiff. For those that don’t know Peter Schiff, he is an American investor and financial commentator. He is the CEO of investment firm Euro Pacific Capital and he is most known for being an infamous Bitcoin Bear.For years he has been opposed by another hugely vocal analyst and Bitcoin Bull, Max Keiser. Here’s Max on when he told Peter Schiff to first buy Bitcoin. As he was voted by you guys as your Favourite Bitcoin bear, we will be taking a look at his arguments against Bitcoin and analysing them to see if they have any base to stand on. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where I will present the BIGGEST argument against Peter Schiff points and also go over 1 piece of Bitcoin data that suggests where the price is likely to go from here. 0:00 Intro - (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO!) 0:35 Peter Schiff being completely wrong 1:38 Who IS Peter Schiff?! 1:51 Peter Schiff vs Max Keiser 2:47 Peter Schiff argument AGAINST Bitcoin 7:29 Peter Schiff Bitcoin is WORTHLESS 8:10 The BIGGEST Argument AGAINST Peter Schiff 8:45 BULLISH Bitcoin Data! 9:00 Bitcoin Entities Net Growth (Analytics) For more Finance / Crypto Content: Michael Burry SHORT Bitcoin Price Prediction: https://youtu.be/EH_iS2599ck​ Bitcoin is DOOMED - Bill Gates Bitcoin https://youtu.be/VoVWI0y1jkQ​ Michael Saylor: Ethereum Price prediction and analysis https://youtu.be/J5hJ1mYudA8​ Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad WHEN to SELL Bitcoin: https://youtu.be/XqZNvKZbt38 #Bitcoin #Gold #PeterSchiff

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