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5 Reasons to Buy a Canon 6D Mark II - A DSLR with Mirrorless Capabilities

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Опубликован в 09 Mar 2022 / В Компьютерная тематика

Few cameras have received more bashing than the Canon 6D Mark ii. Personally I really enjoy it and can easily think of at least 5 good reasons why. If you want to support this channel or just fancy some of my prints I have a Zine for sale here: http://www.blurb.com/user/lobbamobba Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattiasburling/ The video was recorded with the Panasonic GM1 and the Manfrotto BeFree, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1273964-REG/manfrotto_mvkbfr_liveus_befree_live_video.html/BI/20174/KBID/14247 I recommend buying gear used, thats what I do. But if you feel like splashing some cash on the stuff in the video you can do so here: Canon 6D Mark II, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346734-REG/canon_eos_6d_mark_ii.html/BI/20174/KBID/14247 Canon 28mm f1.8, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/102851-USA/Canon_2510A003_Wide_Angle_EF_28mm.html/BI/20174/KBID/14247 Canon 85mm f1.8, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/12182-USA/Canon_2519A003_85mm_f_1_8_USM_Autofocus.html/BI/20174/KBID/14247 Canon 200mm f2.8 L, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/129190-USA/Canon_2529A004AA_Telephoto_EF_200mm_f_2_8L.html/BI/20174/KBID/14247 Music: ”Exhale ”, Jeremy Blake

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