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#16) Point #8 - Bitcoin is Like Email and DeFi is Like the Internet

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Опубликован в 24 Oct 2021 / В Компьютерная тематика

Below you will find a list of all 10 segments taken from the full Podcast (Ep. #58 - https://youtu.be/M77O35vX0YQ) Each episode covers topics relating to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Currency. Each segment attempts to dissect and explain in a simplified manner. 1) It’s never too “late” to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) 2) Don’t look at price, look at percentage 3) BTC will NOT be a global currency 4) BTC will NOT be payment unit among banks 5) No such thing as Bitcoin Maximalist 6) How are Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto each different? 7) BTC is like Gold where one Unit of Bitcoin is like one brick of Gold a. Bitcoin price =$50K and Brick of Gold =$500K b. If Bitcoin Marketcap ($1T) grows to equal Gold ($10T), and BTC price goes from $50K to $500K c. If Bitcoin grows in global acceptance and Marketcap grows to $100T, then BTC price = $1MM 8) For Institution investors- Trying to “figure out” Bitcoin is like trying to figure out email in the 90’s and missing the Internet a. It’s like trying to compare Gold to the Stock market 9) Different level of Stock Market Exchanges in the US. NYSE, Nasdaq, Old Amex (ETF’s), and at the bottom OTC, Micro-caps or pejoratively called “Penny Stocks” 10) Crypto’s are more like Penny Stocks- risky, volatile, need market makers, can be manipulated with Press Releases a. Can go from .10 to $1 easier than Amazon from $3K to $30K, or BTC from $50K to $500K b. Examples of Press Release manipulation- DOGE and WOZx For more great podcasts, including this one, please visit http://thebullseyeguy.com/podcasts/

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